I got 10 problems...and they're all about books


Each week, The Broke and The Bookish hosts this book meme, and this week's prompt is "Ten Book Related Problems I Have." So, without further ado, here we go:

  1. I GET SWEPT UP IN STORY. This is actually a problem with binge watching T.V. shows, too. I catch myself talking like the characters and thinking like I'm in the book. I get really into my fictions.
  2. I IGNORE THE WORLD. Also a problem I have when I'm watching my shows. I zone out and get completely enveloped into the world I'm reading. Mr. LL will be trying to talk to me for a solid 20 minutes and I won't have heard a thing.
  3. MY PHYSICAL BOOKS ARE TAKING OVER MY APARTMENT. In my closet there boxes of books, some of which I haven't even read yet! Under my bed, books. On my desk, books. On our mini-bar, books. On our book cases...no books, because I like to look at my tabletop games.
  4. SO MANY BOOKS, NOT ENOUGH TIME. I have entire series of books (in my closet, in a box) that I haven't read. I have a "to-read" list on Goodreads that is 252 titles long. I'm pretty sure that isn't even a complete list, at that!
  5. SO MANY BOOKS, NOT ENOUGH MONEY. This one isn't a huge problem for me, because I am proud patron of local libraries. However, when I want to read a book and they either don't have it or it's checked out for the foreseeable future, that's when I wish I had a "book" fund in my budget.
  6. AUDIBLE COSTS TOO MUCH. I had an Audible account, but our finances just didn't afford me to pay the $14.95 each month. I loved it though. I really enjoyed being able to listen to books while I worked and on my commutes. I still have some books to listen to, but I miss being able to get a new each month.
  7. THE PHYSICAL STRAIN. Most people probably don't think about reading a book as physically straining, but I get into a book and suddenly my shoulders and neck are in pain. My chiropractor told me to read laying on my back and holding the book above me, but that is just unnatural feeling. Plus, I'm a weakling with no arm strength, so that hurts, too.
  8. THE EYE STRAIN. With e-readers especially, the strain staring at a screen is tough on my ever-failing eye sight. Sigh.
  9. LATE NIGHTS. I have, on more than one occasion, stayed up way later than I needed to, just so I could finish a book. I may have even called in sick the next day at work because I was so exhausted.
  10. MOOD FLOW. I don't mean the mood in a book. Sometimes I just get in a mood where all I want is to curl up with a good book, each and every day. Then it will drift from me for weeks at a time. It makes it hard to keep up with a book club sometimes!