Goals for 2016

I figured the first Goal Getter of the year should be about my BIG goals for 2016 in addition to my goals for just this month ahead.

2016 Goals

  1. Get my first LV Book Design Client — I haven't had the time to really work on my book design business past launching the site. Even though I've had a few nibbles, no book design clients have come through yet. I'm going to put in more effort this year and hopefully get the ball running.

  2. See my mom get married — My mom and her partner are getting married in January!!

  3. Go to Colorado — Or some other "big" trip. Mr. LL and I are thinking about Colorado right now, but that may change.

  4. Become a Budget Boss — If we want #3 to happen, then #4 has to happen first.

  5. Live a healthier lifestyle — Both Mr. LL and I are ready to make some big health changes in our lives.

  6. Try out turquoise hair — I loved having purple hair, then pink hair as it faded. Now I just have my bleach blond tips and I'm ready for some more color!

  7. Get a grill — This one is really for Mr. LL 😉

  8. Save for Xmas all year long — See #4

  9. Create more personal art — Even if it's just a doodle, I need to be creating more.

  10. Try Whole 30 — See #5

  11. Use Instagram at least once a week — I want to get into this social media more.

  12. Try to do Project 365 again — I really want to improve my photography skills

I've made some changes to my monthly goals, too. I'm reprioritizing my life and I felt my goals should reflect that shift.


  • Be the photographer at my Mom’s wedding (0%)
  • Plan a weekend to go see Mr. LL’s family in February (0%)

NOTES: Over the holidays, Mr. LL and I realized that we really need to put our families as more of a priority in our lives. We live close to all of our immediate families, so really we have no excuse.


  • Plan a D&D night with my friends (0%)
  • Go out for my Birthday with Mr. LL (0%)

NOTES: Just like our families, we have been neglecting our friends and ourselves. I want to make sure we don't become complete hermits.

 HEALTH (0%)

  • Meal plan every week (0%)
  • Stick to said meal plan every week (0%)
  • Walk Bigby at least once a week (0%)

NOTES: I'M GOING TO WALK THE DOG, DAMN IT. Now, to find his leash...


  • Build a budget with Mr. LL (0%)

NOTES: I'll probably be adding to this category after we work out a budget.


  • Get a handle on the laundry (0%)
  • Get back in control over our dishes (0%)
  • Pack away Yule decorations (0%)
  • Take tree out (0%)

NOTES: The holidays destroyed all the progress we made with keeping our house clean. Sigh.


  • Clean out my affiliates (0%)
  • Get posts ready for the month (0%)
  • Write some posts for LV Book Design (0%)
  • Get a newsletter for Lazy Lady (0%)
  • Photo day (0%)

NOTES: I'm combining both my blogging and my side hustle here, and took "Career" completely off the list. I've reached about as far as I'm going to go at my day job and I don't have any intentions of looking for any other place to work for the foreseeable future.