Goal Getter // October 2015



  • Design print ads for the paper I work at for LV Book Design (25%)
  • Design and print flyers for LV Book Design (0%)
  • Network at the Venture POP! conference (100%)
  • Hang flyers at local businesses (0%)
  • (NEW) Illustration freelance gig (7%)

Notes: Venter POP! was so much fun this past Saturday! Also, I am illustrating a Christmas card for a new client!


  • Pay off my Credit Card (30%)
  • Deposit all the change in/around the house (0%)


HEALTH: 7.5%

  • Eat out only 3 times a week MAX (15%)
  • Better our diets with healthier, home cooked meals (0%)


HOME:  17%

  • Declutter: books (0%)
  • Decorate for Halloween (0%)
  • Take "decluttered" clothes + books to a charity store (50%)

Notes: Mr. LL took the clothes while I was at the conference on Saturday.

BLOG: 45%

  • Work on blog posts for October (3%)
  • Work on November planning (0%)
  • Go get supplies for the annual "Trick or Treat" series!!! (100%)
  • Photo day (75%)

Notes: The first Trick or Treat post will go up later today! My packed weekend put me a little behind schedule, but it was totally worth it!