Holiday Baking: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I love to bake treats as gifts and to just have around the house during the holidays. I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes as well as some new ones I'm trying out this year.


I found the recipe a few years ago online, but haven’t been able to find it since. Doesn’t really matter though because these are the EASIEST cookies to make and they are amazing.

What You Need:

Then all you do is mix the two ingredients together, form balls of dough, put them on the cookie pan, and then bake per instructions on the sugar cookie dough packaging. They are VERY delicate cookies so take care in handling them (this really just means more broken cookies for the cook). These are always the biggest hit of all the cookies I bake.

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies (from Cookies & Cups) - Recipe Review

CLICK HERE  for the original recipe from Cookies & Cups.

CLICK HERE for the original recipe from Cookies & Cups.


I pinned this recipe and decided to make it over the weekend. I meant to make it last week, but that’s life. I told Mr. LL all about this whole “2 ingredient brownie recipe” and he got so excited…that he made them without me.

Now, had I had a chance to look over Shelley from Cookies & Cups recipe post, I would have seen that these come out very fudgey and dense and are in need of something to make them sweeter, like icing. Instead we have very pumpkin tasting fudge. Also, I probably would have added some pumpkin pie spice to the mix as well. 

Oh well, they actually taste better the next day, in my opinion, but I’m a cake-y brownie person myself so these just aren’t my favorite. I’d probably make them again though, but with icing.

Meal Plan Monday


Mr. LL is really wanting to eat healthier, so I'm trying to work with him. I'm not really in a position to go on a diet, but I can get most of our meals to a healthier place. The snacks I'll just keep at work so he won't be tempted.


Hard boiled eggs, grits (for me), coffee


Chicken and Asian chopped salad


Steak and salad (+ baked potato for me)


Chicken and roasted veggies


Crab Cakes and Asian chopped salad




Salads, hummus, cheese sticks, fruit with water


Hummus, bacon, pepperoni, berry smoothies, eggs