Dreamy vacation/travel accessories

I seriously have travel on my mind, lol. So I'm just going with it! Here are some fun travel accessories that I'm digging.

  1. Wash your make-up and travel gunk off your face with one of these magical make-up erasers. (ModCloth)
  2. I think this action figure beach towel is hilarious. (ThinkGeek)
  3. Remember to go out and see the world with this shirt. (ModCloth)
  4. Stay charged with Boba Fett in your pocket. (ModCloth)
  5. I love this simple embroidery that reminds me to get out there! (etsy)
  6. This world map infinity scarf is a great travel accessory–PLUS it has a secret pocket in it! (etsy)

Happy National Garden Week!

  1. I LOVE this hippo lawn ornament! (etsy)
  2. Look as pretty as a garden in this dress. (eShakti)
  3. Save the bees! With these Bee Flower Bombs. (etsy)
  4. Keep track of how your garden grows with on of these gorgeous notebooks. (ModCloth)
  5. How cute is this fairy door for your garden? (etsy)
  6. These zinnias are gorgeous, and you can grow them! (etsy)
  7. I've always wanted a carnivorous garden. (ThinkGeek)

May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars day! I found these cool Star Wars things to help you celebrate the day, full FORCE. ;)

  1. I love this Dark Side jacket and I think it would look pretty bad ass with...(welovefine)
  2. ...this Darth Vader tank. Right? (ModCloth)
  3. As always, I'm still lusting after some Star Wars headsets. (ThinkGeek)
  4. Have an intergalactic breakfast with this Death Star waffle iron. (ThinkGeek)
  5. I would love to get my hands on this Star Wars Cookbook with accompanying cookie cutters. (ModCloth)